Whether it’s your first coffee of the day or paired with dessert, anytime is time for coffee. We curated this list of best things to have with a coffee! Let us know your favourite in the comments below!

1. Biscoff Lotus Biscuits

These biscuits originate from Belgium, and have a delicate caramelised taste. They are by far the most recognised pairing with a cup of coffee!

Lotus Biscoff Original Caramelised Biscuits Individually Wrapped 50 ...

2. Stroopwaffel

“place it on top of the mug to have the coffee melt the caramel innards” (u/saffir – Reddit)

Where To Eat Stroopwafels in Amsterdam

3. Danish Cookies

“danish cookies! the ones that you find in grandma’s sewing containter when it actually has cookies” (u/EvilDrCoconut – Reddit)

Ferrero Buys Danish Cookies From Campbell

4. Whiskey

Also known as “Irish coffee”. Drink responsibly!

HD wallpaper: coffee, irish coffee, barista, drink, food and drink ...

5. Donuts

Not just for police.

Food coffee donut 1080P, 2K, 4K, 5K HD wallpapers free download ...

6. Fresh Bread

Perhaps you’ve caught the sourdough bug recently? Perfect your morning loaf and it’ll pair amazingly with a cup of coffee. Best served fresh, crusty, and with a generous slathering of butter!

Fresh Bread And The Morning Coffee Stock Photo, Picture And ...

6. Tim Tams

Tim Tam Slam, enough said!

7. Silence

Grab a book, sit in your favourite spot, and simply enjoy.

Espresso macchiato | leighklotz | Flickr

8. Another Cup of Coffee

Last but not least. The perfect pairing for a good cup of coffee, is of course, another one. And it’s not just a meme, there’s many songs dedicated to the topic of another coffee, including Bob Dylan’s “One More Cup of Coffee”

What’s your favourite accompaniment to a cup of coffee? Let us know below or find your favourite coffee shop and leave them a review

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