Sydney’s history started in 1788 when the First Fleet reached the city’s current location. It wasn’t long before Britain started shipping convicts to settle and explore the area. As a result, Sydney grew because there was free labour and land. Today, the city boasts several landmarks, such as the Sydney Opera House, the Royal Botanical, and the Sydney Mardi Gras.

Coffee was unloaded when the very first fleet reached the city’s shores. Here are a few of our favourite coffee shops exemplary of Sydney and it’s coffee culture:

1. Old Gold

Old Gold is a coffee shop sandwiched between Dangar Street and Cleveland Street. It is located on the ground floor of a building with a rich history and several reclaimed pieces of furniture. The coffee shop serves coffee from a gold-wrapped espresso machine.

2. Cafe Sydney

Customs House in Sydney offers terrific views of the harbour, and that is why the owners of Cafe Sydney decided to locate this coffee shop on the house’s rooftop. You can enjoy coffee, delicacies, and cocktails at the outdoor terrace. The atmosphere is contemporary and relaxed.

3. Pablo and Rusty’s Sydney Cafe

The locals refer to this cafe as 161, partly because it’s located in Sydney’s CBD. Pablo and Rusty’s Sydney Cafe tries to capture the industrial and warm nature of Central Sydney. Most furniture within the coffee consists of round tables for meetings. If you happen to visit this cafe, you will discover excellent filter coffee, coffee concentrate, or single origins coffee.

4. ONA Sydney

Sasa Sestic founded ONA Sydney to showcase the best coffee varieties from all over the world. This coffee shop on 140 Marrickville road also offers incredible stories of the people who grow the coffee.

5. Coffee Pedaler Gundagai

If you happen to be on the highway between Melbourne and Sydney, you may see a coffee shop called Coffee Pedaler. This is a unique coffee shop offering an exquisite lunch menu and the perfect coffee breakfast. You can either take your meals inside the coffee shop or go under their umbrellas to enjoy your meal.

6. The Long Track Pantry

Another unique coffee shop in Sydney is the Long Track Pantry, which you can see on the highway as you leave Sydney and head to Melbourne. Apart from offering great-tasting coffee, this coffee shop is also known for delicious meals and cocktails.

7. The Little Marionette Roastery and Espresso Bar

Sydney’s Inner-West is home to this entertaining coffee shop. Here, you will enjoy coffee that comes from the finest beans.

8. Skittle Lane

Jodie Foster and Dean Wooding created Skittle Lane in 2015 to bring out the best of the hospitality and coffee industries. The main coffee shop is located in Sydney CBD, although you can find other Skittle Lane locations around Sydney, including Bondi beach.

9. St. Dreux Espresso Bar

Sydney NSW is home to St. Dreux Espresso Bar. This coffee shop is famous for its freshly roasted coffee beans, pastries, drinks, and great coffee. Furthermore, the managers buy coffee beans from all over the world before roasting them in Sydney NSW.

10. Kingswood

Kingswood is a coffee shop near World Square on the George St. Side. The first thing you will notice when you walk into this coffee shop is a large la marzocco coffee machine. There are also comfortable wooden facades inside the cafe.

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