Since brewstr started, we have proactively approached thousands of coffee businesses around the world to ensure they are both listed on brewstr, and have up to date and accurate information. It’s a simple no brainer when you can list your coffee business on brewstr for free!

But what else can a small coffee shop do to boost their reach? How do you attract the traveller, the local, and most importantly, convert those potential customers into regulars?

1. Get active on social media

In this day and age, if you’re not on Instagram, you may as well not exist. Which is to say, people won’t find you on Instagram. But interacting with people in your local area, including followers of your competitors, will help to convert those locals into potential regulars. Keep your customers up to date with your current coffee bean selection, show regular faces, and just be human. Of course, also make sure your profile reflects your business details.

2. List your business on review sites

It goes without saying that you should list your coffee business on review sites such as Zomato, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and of course brewstr. brewstr is a niche review site, for coffee businesses around the world, and it’s free to list your business.

Ensure you personalise your profile on review sites, including your business logo and suitable images of your shop front, decor, menu and products. brewstr allows you to call out to coffee enthusiasts directly by specifying the coffee beans you use, equipment, and brewing methods, which can help influence coffee enthusiasts to make a decision about your business.

List your business for free on brewstr or read our FAQs for Business Owners

3. Build a website, and optimise it for search results

The secret sauce for lots of business is simply appearing near #1 on Google. Depending on your location and the competition around you, it’s certainly achievable on a minimal budget. It’s simple to create a website with providers such as Wix; all you need to do is provide photos and text.

Like your social media and review site profiles, information should be clear and accurate. Make sure your website address is listed on all platforms, to also benefit from ‘back links’

4. Engage with local bloggers and reviewers

To really give a boost to your business and search results, reach out to local media or bloggers/reviewers, and see if they’d be interested in writing about your business – offer them a free coffee or a meal and you could score yourself a lucrative review. Usually bloggers and reviewers will link back to your site, which further raises your profile on Google.

Not sure how to find them? Search Google – ‘best coffee in <my city>’, you’ll find a tonne of review sites real quick!

5. Encourage your patrons to leave a review

Direct your customers to brewstr or other review profiles to boost your rating. This not only increases your reputation on brewstr, but the more ratings you receive, the more likely Google will include your review site ratings against your search results. Better yet, if you see a customer leave a review and they return, you can treat them to a free coffee or give them a discount to keep them coming back to you.

These are just a few tips for new or established coffee business owners trying to add a little extra volume to their business. Do you have any other great marketing ideas? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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