Rome, Italy

It almost goes without saying that Italy is the home of coffee. But is it? Oddly enough, not much coffee is grown in Italy, and how it became the home of coffee is a mystery to us; but we all know Italy with all it’s romanticism, is a must visit for all coffee lovers, no doubt about it.

Havana, Cuba

Reykjavik, Iceland

Seattle, Washinton, USA

With it’s hip grunge culture, Seattle for two things; Nirvana, and Starbucks. Whilst we have to forgive them for the latter, Seattle is full of great cafes serving espresso and speciality coffee.

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is well regarded as the coffee capital of the world; in 2020 it’s hosting the World Coffee Championships! Down every cookie laneway, you’ll find a great coffee shop waiting to plug you in to your daily caffeine supply.

Istanbul, Turkey

Vancouver, Canada

Portland, Oregon, USA

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