Visitors to Brisbane will notice it’s laid back and relaxed culture; Brisbanite’s are chilled out cats, keen for a BBQ and a kick in the park. Great weather graces this medium sized city, which means it’s always time for coffee.

Whether you’re in town for a day, a week, or a local, we’ve pulled together this list of our favorite Brisbane cafes; try one or try them all, let us know your thoughts!

John Mills Himself

Unlike it’s big sister Melbourne, Brisbane’s laneway culture is really just starting to take off. John Mills Himself is helping to break Brisbane into laneway culture. Accessible via a loading dock driveway or by finding the Koala Foundation and snaking down their stairway and through the underground passage, you’ll end up in the brick facade encompassing John Mills Himself. Not himself, obviously.

The hipster vibe is strong as you enter. Presented at the counter are bottles of cold brew coffee. The staff promptly take your order and, rightfully so, dish out your sugar pre-espresso shot.

One of the neat little value adds here, for cappucino or mocha fans, is JMH’s chocolate flakes to decorate your brew. For those who like a little sweetness, this is a great way to drop that extra sugar you’ve been asking for.


Another hideaway, we’ve got you thinking this list is a hide and seek competition! Round the back and down a flight of stairs, you’ll be greeted at Bean with smiles and retro decor. This cosy cafe serves up specialty coffee from local roasters Bellissimo Coffee.

This cafe is truly an artists hangout, and is complemented with occasional live music and it’s previously mentioned decor. Marvel at the street art as you enter or sit out the front.

Botero House

Yours truly hasn’t even been here. But we’ve been told good things. And we got roasted for not including it. So here it is. You know what though, we’re okay with that, because Brisbane told us, and we have faith they know what the heck they’re talking about, and so should you. When locals give you a roasting in numbers about coffee, you better listen up.

The Coop Espresso

Guess what, it’s in a lane way! Eagle Laneway to be precise. This hole in the wall serves up delicious brews, and is ever popular, every, single, morning. Save your time and order via Bopple, and you’ll (very) quickly receive a fantastic cup of coffee.

We rave about The Coop for a little more than it’s coffee, however, because goddamnit, their smashed avo on toast is AMAZING. There. We said it. But don’t believe us, it’s not like we’ll roast you for forgetting to try it…

The Hideout

Having only just opened, we highly recommend giving them a try for their specialty coffee. Sourcing their beans Sensory Lab, 5 senses Coffee and Proud Mary Coffee, you can be sure they know what they’re doing with coffee.

The clean, modern decor is what you’d expect from a high end shoe store; yet here you are ordering a $4 cup of coffee.. They also have Bopple for those impatient ones amongst us.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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